REN Power Systems, Inc.

REN Power Systems specializes in comprehensive testing, maintenance, repair, commissioning, engineering, and training services for electrical power systems. Not only finding the problem but also fixing the problem too. We help customers develop easy and affordable Electrical System Maintenance (ESM) programs with our innovative approach. These programs show building electrical system owners what to test, recommend how often those tests should be performed, and use innovative methods to create a plan that will reduce the costs involved in maintaining their electrical power system. Our approach guarantees that the electrical power system remains safe and reliable at an affordable price.

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Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, recovery begins with REN Power Systems. We have a vast depth of experience recovering from large disasters. When REN Power System's technicians arrive on-site, we are committed to getting your electrical system back online quickly and safely. You can count on REN Power Systems.

Arc Flash Analysis

With an innovative and systematized approach, REN Power Systems offers an affordable way for teams to get their building's electrical system NFPA 70E compliant. And when it comes to mitigating any found issues, we will not only identify the cause but also recommend the most affordable solution.

Power Quality Studies

When power quality issues arise in your electrical system, REN Power Systems has the skills needed to safely program, install, and then remove a power quality meter. The expertise to analyze the collected data. Our meters will collect all the data needed to diagnose the issue accurately.

Testing & Maintenance

From NFPA 110 annual transfer switch testing to total building shutdowns, REN Power Systems will minimize the downtime to your building's electrical equipment. We have developed innovative processes over the years and provide highly qualified technicians to resolve any issues we may come across.

Data Centers

We all rely on data every day. REN Power Systems provides custom data center electrical preventative maintenance solutions that keep that data moving. Data Centers cannot afford to go offline, and we understand that. REN Power System's technicians stand ready 24/7 to keep the data flowing.

Infrared Inspections

Having electrical equipment running at optimal performance means less downtime. At REN Power Systems, our technicians use thermal infrared cameras to expose invisible problems to the eye, allowing our technicians to identify hazardous safety-related issues in your building before causing an issue.

Renan Gongora


Renan is a 20 year Navy veteran. Renan has 33 years of experience in troubleshooting, analyzing, testing, and maintaining electrical systems. Before founding REN Power Systems, Renan was a senior test technician and technical advisor at SI Testing, ABM Power Solutions, and BEST Infrared Services.

Chris Kuminkoski

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is a Navy veteran and licensed contractor. Chris has 18 years of experience in analyzing, testing, and maintaining electrical power systems. Before Co-founding REN Power Systems, Chris was the Operations Manager at SI Testing and a NETA ETT at ABM Power Solutions and BEST Infrared Services.

Johnny Gleason

Chief Operating Officer

With 18 years of experience, Johnny, now a pivotal part of REN Power Systems, previously managed testing at Power Testing and Energization. His expertise spans electrical systems, apparatus testing—including Transformers, Switchboards, and more—and adherence to industry standards like NETA, NFPA, IEEE, among others. He's dedicated to professional growth, consistently attending industry seminars and training.